Averbakh Yury

Averbakh Yury Lvovich (рwas born 8 of February 1922, Kaluga) - grandmaster USSR and international grandmaster since 1952, international arbitrator on a chess composition of the moment of establishment of a rank. The engineer. Moscow. "Trud". Averbakh has got acquainted with a chess per school years. The large benefit was brought to him by occupation in chess section of the Moscow stadium of the Young pioneers, and then in urban House of the pioneers. In all-Union youthful tournament 1938 he has occupied 1 place under the category of the schoolboys of younger age. The further persistent work has given the fruits. In a championship of Moscow 1943-44 Averbakh has occupied 6 place and has received a rank of the master. The results achieved by Averbakh in nearest years, have put forward him in number of the conducting masters of the country: the semifinals 14-16 championships of USSR - accordingly 6-7, 7-8 and 1 places; a championship of Baltic republics 1946-1; tournament of the Moscow masters of memory Rumin, 1948- 1-2. The performance of Averbakh in 16 championship USSR has passed for the beginner satisfactorily: 13-15p. In 1949 and again in 1950 he becomes the champion of Moscow (in last together with Chistiakov). Successfully passes the international debut ofAverbakh in a match - tournament Moscow - Budapest, 1949 and tournament in Czavno-Zdrui, 1950 (8p). On the basis of these results in 1951 to him give a rank of the international master. Regularly achieving from this time exit in the final of all-Union championship, Averbakh occupies in 18 championship 14p, and in 19 divides 6-8 places and receives the right of participation in interzone tournament, 1952. In this competition Авербах shows outstanding result (5-8 places, on system of coefficients -5), which makes by his participant of tournament of the pretenders and grandmaster. In tournament of the pretenders,1953 Averbakh divides 10-11м. In his active two victories above the ex-champion of the world Euwe. The new period of creative growth of Averbakh opens 1954. In 21 championship of USSR he wins a gold medal of the champion of the country. After satisfactory performance in 22 championship he again achieves the large success in 23 championship, where divides 1-3м. (in subsequent the match - tournament becomes second). Equal and high results shows Averbakh in the subsequent championships 25-4; 26 -7-8; 27-6; 28-7-8;29-6-7. Per the same years Averbakh achieves large successes in the international competitions: Dresden, 1956- 1-2; Djakarta, 1956-1; Portoroz(interzone tournament), 1958- 7-11; Hastings, 1959-60- 2-3; Adelaida (open championship of Australia), 1960-1; Djakarta 1960-1; Vienna 1961-1; Moscow (4 international tournaments Central Chess Club), 1962- 1-2. Memberinhg of a team of USSR Averbakh played in matches with the chess players of Argentina, Uruguay, France, USA, England, Sweden, Yugoslavia and 1 championship of Europe. Sports performances Averbakh combines with the large research work in area of ending. By result of this work was the three-volume monography, which has left under his edition, " the Chess endings" (1956-1962), translated on a some of languages. Averbakh wrote numerous clauses and theoretical reviews in chess press also. He is the editor of a magazine " Chess in USSR ", conducts the large public work as the vice-president of Chess federation USSR. For merits in the field of chess movement is awarded with a medal " For labour valor ".
Chess dictionary,1964

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