Amelung Friedrich

Amelung Friedrich Karlovich (1842-1909) - Baltic chessplayer, public figure, journalist and composer. Lived in Derpt, last years - in Riga. The grandson of K.F.Amelung, known Baltic chessplayer of 18 centuries, playing, by the way, with G.A.Potemkin. The beginning of chess journalism in Baltic is connected to an Amelung`s name: he has based here first chess column, conducted columns in many newspapers, in 1889-1902 has issued 8 volumes " Batlische Schachbletter". Amelung was one of the founders (1898) and chiefs of Baltic chess union. In 60-70 years he not unsuccessfully played with the strong masters - Andersen, H.Neumann, Schallop, in 1877 has won a match against Asharin (+ 4 -3 = 2), but has sufferred a defeat from Schiffers. To Amelung belongs the merit of education of a number young Baltic chessplayers, in particular his learners were Asharin and Rozenkrantz.
Chess dictionary,1964

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