Alatortsev Vladimir

Alatortsev Vladimir Alekseevich (was born in 1909) - chessmaster USSR since 1931, international master from the moment of establishment of a rank, international arbitrator since 1953. The engineer - hydraulic. The candidate of pedagogical sciences. Moscow. "Burevestnik". Alatortsev took part in many large competitions. For the first time by playing in a championship of Leningrad in 1929, he in 1931 has occupied 3 place, in 1932 -2, and in 1933-34 -1-2. From performances in championships of Moscow are most successful 1936 and 1937 (1-2), 1943-44 (3-4), 1946 (3-6). Alatortsev divided 1-2 places in the Transcaucasian tournament 1933, championship ACSTS 1938. In the second Moscow international tournament 1935 has divided 11-14 p. In this year has played by draw a match with Lilienthal (+ 4-4 = 4), but in 1940 has lost to Levenfish (+ 2 -5 =7). In 1945 has won off contest a championship of Latvian SSR. The nine-multiple participant of championships USSR (7-10, 8-16, 18), best has played in 7 - 3-6p, 8 - 2p, 9 -5-8 p, 18 - 7-10. Last years Alatortsev seldom acts in competitions. He has finished graduate school under the theory and technique of teaching of a chess CCIRFC, and in 1956 has upheld the dissertation " About some questions of the general theory of a chess (to understanding of bases of modern strategy) ", now is the senior scientific employee of this institute. During a years of time Alatortsev was by the chairman of chess section, after federation a USSR. "The Mark of honour " is awarded by an award for merits in the field of a chess. The editor of a chess department of the newspaper " Evening Moscow ", author of the several books and many articles.
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